Advanced Digital Group is a premier integrator of enhanced telecommunication, computer networks, office phone systems, structured cabling systems, data, voice, indoor/outdoor communication networks. Our premium IT products include KX-NS1000 (A Reliable VOIP PBX Solution), KX-NS700 (One Compact Platform, Multiple Communication Channels), Access Control System Installation and Repair, Cisco Office Phones, Panasonic Office Phones and Systems, Security Camera Systems, Polycom Office Phones & Yealink Office Phones.


A Reliable VOIP PBX Solution

Panasonic's KX-NS1000 has a large capacity IP communications platform enabling organizations to unify and integrate a wide range of devices onto a single network. With centralized, multi-site, web-based programming and more, the platform can handle communications for up to 1000 users and 16 branch locations - connecting offices with real-time voice and data to better serve customers and handle sales. The KX-NS1000 features seamless integration of telecommunications, voicemail, email, instant messaging and fax.


One Compact Platform, Multiple Communication Channels.

Panasonic's KX-NS700 series is a compact hybrid communication platform designed to enhance communications and productivity for small-to medium-sized businesses. Easy to install and maintain, this flexible digital and IP communication system serves up to 250 users and can be quickly and easily configured and expanded to meet evolving business needs.

Features include built-in unified messaging, cell phone support and basic call center functionality. The KX-NS700 series has function that will enable employees — working both inside and outside the office environment — to control and direct communications to enhance productivity, while saving time and money.

This PBX is ideal for small call center environments, built-in applications including Queue Announcement, Live Status Monitor, Activity Report, and Automatic Conversation Recording support the critical needs of supervisors and improve call handling, routing, response times and sales.

Voicemail For Fast And Easy Access To Your Missed Calls

No CALLS are left behind: Any extension that is not answered will be directed to a voicemail system. Either your personal message or a professionally recorded greeting awaits. Now there are no lost customers or potential clients. ADG can fit you with the perfect system based on your needs whether it is an In House Voicemail System or a Virtual System.

  • Unified Messaging (get your voicemail messages via email also)

Cisco Office Phones

Cost-Effective, Efficient, Small Business Cisco Office Phone Systems

Today's small business Cisco office phone systems technology delivers more than just a dial tone. Many small office business phone systems are now part of a converged infrastructure. They use your Internet Protocol (IP) network to transparently tie together voice, video, messaging, data, mobility, security, and other business-critical communications tools and applications.

A small office phone system makes basic as well as sophisticated business communications more affordable, for your main office and any branch offices you may have.

This is how an IP-Based Small Office Phone System Saves Money

  • You have only one appliance to manage, which is less expensive and more efficient.
  • Saves money on long-distance charges, because you use your data network to place calls.
  • It reduces the costs of moving or changing a phone extension.
  • You'll save time-and therefore money-when adding a new site or a new employee.

Panasonic Office Phones

Connect with the power of advanced IP technology with Panasonic Office Phones

Panasonic's advanced IP office phones provide businesses with unmatched communication performance, options and flexibility. Featuring wideband HD audio to produce true in person quality sound, up to 2 Gigabit Ethernet, Power Over Ethernet (PoE) connections and a remarkably easy interface to deliver maximum performance.

With quick and easy access to a host of powerful, supportive features and applications, Panasonic IP phones offer an unprecedented range of options to suit your business needs. Take your communication to the next dimension with IP phones.

Security Camera Systems


Whatever your needs are ADG has a complete line of surveillance equipment all the way up to Panasonic's new top of the line 4K surveillance. To experience the full benefits of 4K surveillance, you need a security camera system that can meet the demanding resolution, optical and low-light performance standards that 4K imaging requires. Panasonic's True 4K line of cameras set a new benchmark in the surveillance category. These cameras deliver true 4K resolution, true 4K optics and true 4K wide coverage for unmatched image quality in their class. Panasonic's True 4K cameras utilize their new 4K ULTRA HD engine featuring a sensitive, 12MP 4K imager that delivers both crisp, high-resolution images and outstanding low-light performance. Coupled to a purpose-built 6X zoom optical system, True 4K lenses are custom designed to pass the full optical bandwidth needed to produce exemplary 4K class images delivering highly consistent sharpness across the entire frame.

Panasonic Cordless Business Phones

More functions, lines, and mobility means more business for small business

Easy to install and manage, Panasonic's cordless business phone systems are the ideal solution for businesses looking to reap the benefits of wireless communications. Continue your conversation and your work without interruption with fully featured cordless phones by Panasonic. There are standard, compact, and rugged models to choose from. Panasonic's commitment to high voice quality paramount in all models reduces noise in high-traffic environments. Panasonic's cordless business phones utilize the same technology as a mobile phone when switching from cell tower to cell tower without call interruption. Panasonic's cordless business phones switch seamlessly from one base station to another without call interruption. This increases the range of coverage allowing communications throughout the premises of your establishment.

Polycom Office Phones

Powerful 6-line entry-level Business Media Polycom Office Phones handle a low to moderate volume of calls and give crystal clear communications.

Give employees the best experience with this high quality UC Business Media Phone. It's designed for a broad range of environments for small and medium businesses.

  • Make more efficient and productive calls with the unparalleled voice clarity of Polycom HD Voice.
  • Improve productivity for worker's and call center operators through an intuitive easy to use user interface.
  • Reduce deployment and maintenance costs—the Polycom Zero Touch Provisioning and web based configuration tool makes it simple to deploy, easy to administer, upgrade, and maintain.
  • Leverage previous IT infrastructure investments—deploy VVX 300 series business media phones on your existing network without needing to upgrade your call control platform.
  • Easily to integrate with third- party web-based UC and productivity applications for broad, standards based, open APIs.

Yealink Office Phones

With faster response to the phone's user interface and better device performance

Yealink's SIP-IP office phones, incorporate their latest feature-rich tool unifying superior voice capabilities and increased function extension capability for business. Yealink Optima HD technology and wideband codec of Opus deliver a superb sound quality and bring you a life-like voice communications. With an all-new USB port, boasting unparalleled functionality and expansibility with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB recording features. Seamlessly migrated to GigE-based network infrastructure, Yealink's SIP-IP phones are also built with the Gigabit Ethernet facilitating very rapidly call handling. By using standard encryption protocols, Yealink's SIP-IP phones perform highly secure remote provisioning and software upgrades.

Panasonic UC Pro For Your Growing Business

The "total" unified communications (UC) market includes all of the revenue businesses and organizations invest in UC components. These UC components include:

  • IM/presence
  • Call control/IP PBX
  • Unified messaging
  • Conferencing (not including endpoints)

Intelligent Suite of CyTrack Business Solutions in One Package

CyTrack CyCC™

  • Unified Communications
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Process Automation
  • Integration Technology

Advanced Digital Group Technicians are highly trained and Certified in the area of Office Phone Systems, Security Camera Systems, KX-NS1000, KX-NS700, Access Control System, Cisco Office Phones, Panasonic Office Phones, Security Camera Systems, Polycom Office Phones & Yealink Office Phones Installation or Repair Assistance. In addition, each member of our team undergoes an extensive background and reference check. We only work with the best Technicians and Engineers.