Panasonic Hospitality Solutions include a few key components:

  • Panasonic Communication Servers (PBX)
  • In-Room Phones
  • PMS Integration

Panasonic Communication Servers (PBX)

Panasonic has been supporting the Hospitality Industry for years with its communications server designed to support the needs of the hotel owner

  • Supports Analog/TDM/ IP Trunks – NS-700 Series – Hybrid Server supports Analog and IP Phones & NS1000 large capacity IP communications platform
  • Certified by Cetis – Certified inter-operability with the industry leader in hotel in-room phones
  • Communication Assistance Operator – Provides basic hotel services for the hotels who do not have a property management system (Check-In/Check-Out; Schedule Wake-up Calls; Voice Mail)
  • Supports Panasonic leading DECT phones. Communicate with the mobile staff (Maids, Maintenance, etc.) securely anywhere on the property
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In-Room Phones

Increased Return on Investment - Get longer life out of your in-room phones

  • Panasonic NS Series has been certified inter-operability for your current in-room phones by Cetis
  • Cetis is the standard in-room phone for 98+ hotel brands (i.e. Hyatt, Hilton, Marriot & many others - For a complete list CLICK HERE

PMS Integration

The PMSi is software for the hotel industry is a standardized interface to connect Panasonic PBX systems with Hotel/Property Management Software (PMS). Allowing for automation of the tasks that are typically manual

  • Check-In/Check-out; Schedule Wake-up call; Room Status and many others. PMS functionality depends upon the PMS being used by the hotel property
  • Opera Certified
  • Supports any FIAS based PMS
  • Increase staff productivity by allowing the staff members who were supporting the PMS functions to tend to the hotel guests
  • Improved guest experience

Customer Experience - Benefits to Guests

Meeting guests’ expectations – Today’s customer expects the best customer experience. Expedited and accurate service, including quick and easy check-in and check-out processes.
In-Room phones – Designed for the hotel industry, to accommodate guests’ needs and easy to use.
Dependable guest services – Easy to use set up/cancel wake up calls, out of room messages & voice mail
Cover main telephony requirements – If a voicemail has not been deleted by the user, upon check-out, phones are shut off and all previous guests’ voice mail is automatically erased.

Benefits to Hotel Management & Staff – Deliver memorable customer experience

Panasonic Hospitality Solutions – Delivering Results
Increased productivity – Automate common functions i.e. check-in to check-out processes. Staff can focus on addressing guests’ needs.
Always available – Improved guest services. Never miss a call using the DECT wireless phones, hotel management & staff will be able to communicate more effectively. No need for walkie-talkies.
PMS Integration – Take advantage of all of the features (check-in/check-out, room cleaning, call accounting (accurate billing of telephone network services), Do Not Disturb On/Off, Wake Up – Set/Cancel, Class of Service, Message Waiting Lamp On/Off, Call Forwarding On/Off Voice Mailbox Open/Close) their PMS has with the PMSi integration to the Panasonic Communication Servers.
In-Room Phones – Return on investment. Panasonic KX-NS700/1000 will integrate with existing 3rd party phones already in use. If phones need to be replaced the hotels have their choice to purchase Panasonic phones or another vendor like i.e. Cetis (the industry leader in hotel in-room phones).
Communication Assistance – Provides basic hotel services for the hotels who do not have a property management system

Advanced Digital Group Technicians are highly trained and Certified in the area of Panasonic Hospitality Solutions, Panasonic Communication Servers, Panasonic PBX systems Installation & Maintenance Services. In addition, each member of our team undergoes an extensive background and reference check. We only work with the best Technicians and Engineers.