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Your Phone System on Mobile, Desktop, and Web

Access Powerful Unified Communication Features Across Multiple Devices

Applications for Mobile, Desktop, and Web software are included. You can talk, text, chat, or video conference from anywhere, not just the office. Easily access your corporate directory, monitor contracts phone availability, place web-based calls, send text messages, and make real-time changes to your telephone systems or Cloud Hosted PBX Phone Systems.

Included Features

  • Auto Attendant
  • Call Monitoring/Recording
  • Cloud/Hosted Solution
  • Conferencing(3-way)
  • Paging
  • Voicemail

What is VoIP and Should you Use It?

VoIP phone service is an IP phone (Internet Protocol phone) that makes phone calls over an Internet connection instead of a regular telephone line. A high speed Internet connection is required for VoIP technology to operate properly.

A VoIP service provider routes your phone calls providing a savings of up to 80% when compared to a regular phone line. There are hundreds of Voip service providers to choose from.

No matter what size company you have when you switch to VoIP technology your benefits will not only include great savings, but your service will include all the rich phone features that all large companies require to keep in line with the 21st century. We can help you find the best provider utilizing an IP phone with VoIP technology. Take a minute and get a Free Quote for your specific needs, simply answer the questions by following through the forms above.