Whatever your needs are ADG Phone has a complete line of surveillance equipment all the way up to Panasonic's new top of the line 4K surveillance. To experience the full benefits of Panasonic True 4K Surveillance Security Cameras, you need a camera platform that can meet the demanding resolution, optical and low-light performance standards that 4K imaging requires. Panasonic True 4K Surveillance Security Cameras line of cameras set a new benchmark in the surveillance category. These cameras deliver true 4K resolution, true 4K optics and true 4K wide coverage for unmatched image quality in their class. Panasonic True 4K Surveillance Security Cameras utilize their new 4K ULTRA HD engine featuring a sensitive, 12MP 4K imager that delivers both crisp, high-resolution images and outstanding low-light performance. Coupled to a purpose-built 6X zoom optical system, True 4K lenses are custom designed to pass the full optical bandwidth needed to produce exemplary 4K class images delivering highly consistent sharpness across the entire frame.

Few Key Features include:

Panasonic True 4K Surveillance Security True 4K Resolution
The cameras feature 12 megapixel 4K ULTRA HD sensors that produces a 12MP image at 15fps and a 4K2K image at 30fps for extremely high resolution.

Exceptional Low-Light Performance
These cameras provide high-sensitivity in color at less than 0.3 lux, producing usable images in challenging light environments.

Special 4K Optical Lens
Panasonic custom designed a purpose-built optical system to ensure that Panasonic 4K cameras produce the highest quality True 4K images.

Wider Coverage Area
The enhanced resolution of True 4K can cover up to four times the viewing area of a 1080p HD camera and up to nine times the viewing area of a 720p HD camera.


Advanced Digital Group Technicians are highly trained and Certified in the area of Panasonic True 4K Surveillance Security Cameras Installation, Repair & Maintenance. In addition, each member of our team undergoes an extensive background and reference check. We only work with the best Technicians and Engineers.